All of our granite is a carefully selected range of the most popular and consistent granite from around the world, providing a stunning finishing touch and bringing your beautiful new worktop to life.

This ensures your granite kitchen worktop will be a unique and beautiful piecie of nature, giving your kitchen that luxurious, natural appeal only granite can provide.


Granite slabs are chosen for their rich dense colours and where applicable, consistency of colour. Worktops are cut from the same block which ensures the best consistency of tone and colour.



Max Slab Dimensions:  2700mm x 1400mm (granite slab sizes can be variable. Please enquire about availability on additional lengths or widths)

Worktop Thickness:      30mm solid
                                     30+30mm special
High Polish:           The slow crystallisation of molten magma deep in the Earth's crust make granite a very hard material, allowing it to take a high

Scratch Resistant:  Our granite is an igneous rock and therefore it is very hard, making it difficult to scratch or damage

Hygenic:                 Our granite has a naturally cool surface, making it ideal for food preparation and pantry cupboards

Heat Resistant:      Our granite has very good heat resistance but is not heat proof


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