Neolith is the outcome of a selection of the best raw materials and a revolutionary highly technological production process known as sinterization. Thanks to these elements, a Sintered Compact Surface of large formats and minimum thickness of 3mm; with extraordinary characteristics is obtained.

If you’re looking for something a little different for your kitchen, Neolith could be just the innovative material for you!


Neolith is a superior-quality, man-made designer stone that breaks new ground in interior design and offers limitless possibilities for your home.


What’s more, LARANZA are one of a few companies within the UK able to provide Neolith worksurfaces through our approved retailer.

Lightweight:          Only 7kg/m2 in the 3mm slab

Scratch Resistant:  To abrasion, wear and tear

Waterproof:            Absorption level of almost zero

Hygenic:                 Totally suitable for contact with food

Easy to clean:        Resistant to any kind of chemical cleaning agent

100% Natural:      It does not give off any substances that are harmful to the environment

Flex Resistant:      High fleural strength

100% Recyclable


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